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Asphalt mixing plant project investment matters needing attention 2018/03/13
First, the need to consider is the application of asphalt mixing plant technology considerations: In general, the technical aspects mainly include: 1. Whether there is any uncertainty in the reliability and applicability of the technology u...
Hot recycled asphalt mixing plant how to match the raw materials 2018/03/13
we have a full range of professional technical force and independent innovation and development capabilities. Always pay attention to the introduction of foreign advanced new technology, new te...
Thermal recycling asphalt mixing plant fuel system how to use 2018/03/13
Heat reclaimed asphalt mixed plant transformation method is specific, in the heat conduction oil asphalt tank asphalt heating pump, pipe, fuel oil heated to the heat exchanger, so that the basic requirements of the fuel oil viscosity, and i...
What is the asphalt barrel melting device 2018/03/13
Drummed Asphalt Melting Equipment (Container) is mainly composed by off-barrel tank, elevator, hydraulic thruster and electric control system. The tank is divided into tow roomthe upper room and lower room; the upper room is barreled asphal...
Construction quality control measures of asphalt mixing plant 2018/02/28
1, to determine the responsibility of process quality control, strengthen the education of comprehensive quality education, improve the quality of all staff awareness; 2, strict quality of raw materials, laboratories in the choice of materi...
Description and Analysis of Common Problems in Hot Recycled Asphalt Mixing Plant 2018/02/28
The quality of hot reclaimed asphalt mixing plant will be the key factor affecting the quality of the project. After consulting related materials such as asphalt concrete production and construction, we summarized some cases of failure due...
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