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Asphalt Mixing Station in the work of the trip problem how to do 2018/02/28
Asphalt mixing plant equipment can produce asphalt mixture, modified asphalt mixture, colored asphalt mixture, fully meet the construction of freeways, grade roads, municipal roads, airports, ports and other needs. Due to its perfect struct...
Structure and Working Principle of Asphalt Stripper 2018/02/28
Asphalt barrel removal device mainly by the barrel off the body, lifting mechanism, hydraulic booster and electrical control system and other components. Box is divided into upper and lower chambers, the upper chamber for the barrel of asph...
Maintenance of Control System of Hot Recycled Asphalt Mixing Plant 2018/02/28
As a core part of the whole heat-regenerated asphalt mixing plant, the control system should not be overlooked in its routine maintenance. Good maintenance will also help to control the effectiveness of the system, thereby promoting the use...
Asphalt mixing station how long the run-in period 2018/02/28
1, rapid wear and tear Due to the processing, assembly and adjustment of the new machine parts, the frictional surface roughness of these factors is less affected by the contact area with the surface and the pressure on the surface of the c...
Installation and operation of asphalt barrel melting equipment 2018/02/28
1, Before installation, make the foundation according to the basic equipment diagram. To reduce the thrust, the foundation can be made into a slope of about 0.2% (along the barrel movement direction). 2, The hydraulic propeller bracket and...
Asphalt mixing plant is also to the goal of energy saving and environmental protection 2018/02/28
Asphalt mixing plant is a complete set of production equipment Asphalt concrete can be divided into fixed, fixed and mobile. To produce asphalt, modified asphalt and asphalt mixture of color, fully meet the establishment of highways, grade...
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